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LDC Series Bin Hopper


Characteristics of LD series bin

LD series bin is the main transferring container in the process of solid preparation process. It is the ingredient container in the granule sizing room, the transferring container in the intermediate station, the mixing container in the mixing room and material charging container in the tablet press room. So the material can complete different functions in the same container without the inconvenient processes such as transferring, charging and distributing. It meets the technological requirements of solid preparation, controls the dust pollution and cross contamination effectively, which will not cause the material loss and layering, is convenient for material charging and discharging, and totally meet the requirements of GMP and FDA. A card holder can be added to the barrel.


1) The bin cover adopts bolt lock clamp structure, which has good sealing and is easy to disassemble and clean. It can be used with the granule sizing machine, tablet press machine and bin lifting machine.

2) LD series bin can be used freely in each process to keep the materials transferring smoothly.

3) The discharging butterfly valve adopts the fast installation structure, which is easy to operate and well sealed. The fast installation structure is easy to disassemble, wash and install. The butterfly valve has the function of anti-misoperation, which is easy to fix the position and control opening degree, so as to prevent the production safety accidents caused from misoperation.

Meeting the requirements of the pharmaceutical factory

1) The LD mixing bin with drug contact is made of high quality austenitic stainless steel 316. All the corners of the mixing bin inner surface have curve transition, no dead corner, and no residual. The inner surface is highly polished, and the roughness can reach Ra≤0.2μm. The outer surface is matte processed, and the roughness can reach Ra≤0.4μm.

2) The LD bin cover has silicone rubber seal ring to ensure the air tightness during transferring. The butterfly valve has the function of anti-misoperation, which is reliable and easy to operate.

3) LD series bin uses high technology polyurethane casters to ensure that the self-leveling floor of clean area is not damaged and no trace is left, which is the preferred configuration of pharmaceutical equipment.

LDC Series Bin Hopper

LDC Series Bin Hopper

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