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Capsule Filling Machine

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

This type of filler is used to fill capsules with powder or pills. Capsule fillers are mainly used in the pharmaceutical and health care industries. Most capsule filling machines first fill the bottom of the capsule and then scrape off the excess product. The automatic capsule filling machine can compress the powder into soft pieces and then insert it into the bottom capsule base.

The work of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is divided into 4 main stages:

Capsule Separation-Seed empty capsules into the filling holes, then use vacuum to separate them into the cap and body.

Ingredient filling-The bottom of the capsule is moved to the powder hopper and filled with ingredients.

Capsule closed-the top and bottom of the capsule are pushed back together

Eject-then eject them from the machine

Features of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Maximum output, 1200-12000 capsules per hour, upper limit per hour

Maximum speed 111

Capsule size 000#-5#

Drug formula powder, pill, pill, microtablet, liquid, soft capsule

Strength 7

Voltage 380

Compressed air consumption, L/min. 50

Noise level 70

Weight, kg 800

Overall dimensions, mm 940*710*1650

Benefits of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

One operator can monitor multiple devices

Can be integrated into an automated production line from ingredients to finished product packaging

Higher output than semi-automatic solutions

The manufacturing part is clear

Why choose Baofeng's automatic capsule filling machine

rich experience

Zhucheng Baofeng International Group was established in 2016. The main team has more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Has a wealth of knowledge in the design and manufacture of automatic capsule filling machines. After years of hard work by dozens of Baofeng employees, Baofeng has become a leader in providing and serving automatic capsule filling machines. Baofeng's rich industry experience enables us to provide the best capsule filling machines to meet the needs of our customers, whether it is pharmaceutical, cosmetics or other industries.

high quality

The high-quality Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is reliable and durable. Baofeng's ZLAB series capsule fillers are the main force. Capsule fillers manufactured many years ago are still in service at our customer's factory today. Baofeng International is sturdy and much heavier than other capsule filling machines with the same capacity on the market, because all parts are genuine and rigid. The ZLAB series adopts Taiwan's original double-index drive, which greatly improves the stability and service life of the machine.

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