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ZLAB Capsule Filling Machine

Intended use

This machine is intended for filling hard-shell gelatin capsules with Powder, pellets and micropellets, liquid, soft-gel capsules, It can realize maximum 4 kinds of dugs mix filling, The encapsulation machine complies with the GMP requirements.


Operation principle

The Dosator type encapsulation machine automatically orients capsules and sequentially performs the following operations with capsules: feeding, opening, prepacking, rejecting unopened capsules, closing and discharging.

Composition of the Machine

The machine consists of the main rotor, the feeding system for empty capsules, the system for feeding and dispensing granulate, the control system.

Materials used

The machine body surface: stainless steel 304.

The parts in contact with the filled material ( hopper, scrapers, tanker, tanker cover, tube, piston): 304or 316L, conform with the contract request and FDA request.

Main technical features:

Maximum output, capsules per hour1200-12000 cap./h
Maximum rotation speed111
Size of Capsules000#-5#
Pharmaceutical formulationsPowders, pellets, pills, micro-tablets, liquid,soft-gel capsules
Compressed air consumption, L/min.50
Noise level70
Weight, kg800
Overall dimensions, mm940*710*1650
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