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Benefits of An Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Feb. 10, 22

Have you ever wondered how they fill medicine capsules? This process is referred to as encapsulation and refers to a wide range of techniques that are used to enclose medicines into a stable shell, generally referred to as a capsule, that can be used orally or as a suppository.


There are two-piece gelatin capsules and soft gels. Two-piece gelatin capsules are more commonly used with powders and pellet medications while soft gels are more commonly used for liquid medications.


Many Pharmaceutical companies specialize in formulating different medicines and providing the medications in pill or capsule form. When capsules are used the pharmaceutical company generally uses an automated capsule-filler machine for efficiency and accuracy.

Capsule Filling Machine

 Capsule Filling Machine     

What Is A Capsule Filling Machine?

A capsule filling machine is a filling machine used to fill capsules with powders, granules, or liquids containing pharmaceutical ingredients.


The capsules are usually made from a soft or hard gelatine shell or HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, which is a vegetarian alternative) that is designed to dissolve once digested.


A capsule filling machine can be fully automated, semi-automated, or manual depending on the specifications needed. A fully automated capsule filling machine has hoppers for both the empty capsules as well as the powder, granules, and liquids. The machine then carefully separates each capsule before filling and closing the two halves together.  BAOFENG provides several capsule filling technologies, including semi-automated and fully-automated systems and providing 100% weight check of filled capsules.


An automatic capsule filling machine is a fully automatic capsule filling machine, with which capsule separation, filling, and locking can be done automatically. The machine can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Capsule Filling Machine

 Capsule Filling Machine

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is divided into intermittent motion type and continuous motion type, and the intermittent motion type account for the majority of the market, so the following discussion will take this type of machine as an example. The core part of the intermittent motion type automatic capsule filling machine is the round filling stations in the center:


Capsules rectification

Separation of capsule caps from bodies

Filling medication

Wasted capsules rejection

Capsule locking

Filled capsuled ejection




Capsule filling relies on accurate formulations and precise measurements.  Capsule fillers significantly speed up the process and they can be counted on to dispense accurate dosages for every capsule produced.


Soft gels use a special rotating die process but soft gels are quickly being replaced by liquid-filled hard gel capsules with special band sealing that not only protects against leakage but also provides a visible sign to alert someone to tampering attempts.


New processes and formulations now make hard capsule liquids a preference over soft gel formulations because they provide several benefits over the soft gel process and they are easier to fill.


Some of the benefits of hard capsule liquid medications include the fact they are heat resistant and don’t require additives. Hard caps also allow for step-by-step filling which makes it possible to have both a short and long release formulation in the same capsule.

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