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Technical side

Hs-1300 automatic water bath + spray sterilization kettle

Factory photos

Food Equipments

Food Equipments

Corporate information


Food Equipments

Food Equipments

Computerized automatic water bath/spray sterilization single pot(The product sample picture shows, does not represent this custom-made product)

Food Equipments

Food Equipments

Food Equipments

The pictureFood EquipmentsFood Equipments
The name of theSterilizing plate (flexible packaging)Revolving cars
place of originzhuchengzhucheng
functionStore the sterilized materialStore the sterilized material
The pictureFood Equipments
The name of thePallet car
place of originzhucheng
functionStore the sterilized material

一、Sterilization pot configuration and price part

The name says Gaugeunitquantityunit pricePrice (¥)
Fully automatic steel water bath + side spray sterilization potDN1300×4500Taiwan1248000248000
Antiseptic dish(S30408)880×900×145a30
Supporting plate(S30408)Match the sterilizing platea5
Revolving cars(S30408)Match the pallet truckcar5
A combined:Renminbi in words: Two hundred and forty-eight thousand Only
note:Tax is not included FOB is not included


1. Valid time of quotation: 15 days

2. Place of delivery: Buyer

3. Transportation cost: The seller shall bear the freight

4. Transportation time: to be determined

5. Payment term: according to the contract

6. Delivery time: to be determine

Sterilization pot function parameters configuration table

1、Main parameters of a single device

projectWithin the capacity
Sterilization pot inside diameter/tube length/full volume1300 mm /4500mm /6.46m3
Design pressure/maximum working pressure0.35 Mpa/0.3 Mpa
Design temperature/operating temperature147℃/143℃
Total installed powerAbout 11KW (circulation pump 11KW)
The power supply voltage380V,50Hz
Sterilization plate size (length/width/height)mmOuter size :880*900*145mm, wall thickness: 1mm
Sterilization pot body material/wall thicknessS30408 stainless steel/wall thickness 5mm
Sterilization yield and meat product calculationAbout 1200 kg/per pot
Equipment floor space sizeAbout 6500 * 1950 * 2200 mm

2、Conditions of Use (provided by the user of the ancillary equipment)

projectWithin the capacity
Total powerCapacity ≥13KW/ voltage 380V/ frequency 50HZ
The water qualityThe cooling water is tap water, and the chlorine ion content in the water is not higher than 25mg/L. Cooling water temperature ≤25℃.
Air compressorThe air output was 2.0m3/ min and the pressure was 0.8Mpa
Compressed air storage tankThe volume is 2m3 and the pressure is 1.0mpa
Cooling water tank11m3
Cooling tower (optional)40T/H
Boiler type/minimum boiler pressureAbout 1.0 T/h / 0.6 Mpa

3、Energy consumption per unit

projectWithin the capacity
Electric powerAbout 11 kw · h/pan
steamAbout 400 kg/pan
The sterilization of waterAbout 6.0 m after/time
Cooling waterAbout 11.0m/time (secondary cooling is generally used)

4、1300Type I computer automatic water bath/spray sterilization kettle main configuration

The name of thespecificationsThe number ofThe materialOrigin of the brandnote
Sterilize the pan1300*4500*51aGb container plate S30408HengShi companyDesign pressure: 0.35mpa Working pressure: 0.3Mpa Design temperature: 147℃ Working temperature: 143℃ Test pressure: 0.44mpa
headDN1300*52aS30408Jiangsu is correctIntegral thermal spinning
flangeDN13001 set ofS30408ⅡZhgqiu baohuaNo welding for integral forging
Pan door gasketDN13001 set ofThe siliconeHengShi companySeal pan door
Elbow and interlock assemblyDN13001 set ofcompoundHengShi companyPan door switch, load bearing
Saddle assemblyDN13001 set ofcompoundHengShi companyPot body connection, load bearing
Lug deviceDN13001 set ofStainless steelHengShi companyEquipment hoisting
Thermal insulation layerDN13001 set ofAluminum silicateHengShi companyHeat preservation and heat insulation
Circulating pump11 kw power High temperature resistance above 130℃1Taiwan----Shanghai bihuCirculating process water sterilization

◆Electrical control part

The name of thespecificationsplace of originThe number offunction
Stainless steel electrical control boxHengshizhucheng1aInstallation of electrical components
The man-machine interfaceSiemensGermany1 set ofInput instruction, display the working status
PLCSiemensGermany1aSterilize the main controller of the pot
Temperature moduleSiemensGermany1aControl temperature section
Pressure moduleSiemensGermany1aControl pressure section
Output moduleSiemensGermany1aThe signal is transmitted to the branch circuit
Pressure sensorHUBAThe Swiss1aMeasure the pressure in the pot
PT100YunQi instrumentshandong2aMeasure the temperature inside the pot
Solenoid valveEffective westzhejiang14aControl various valves
Ac contactorschneiderThe French1aControl pump motor
Ac contactorschneiderThe French1aControl pump motor
Motor breakerschneiderThe French1aProtect pump motor against Overload, short circuit, phase loss
Motor breakerschneiderThe French1a
Proximity switchXin lingZhejiang1aControl sterilization to be carried out safely
Leakage circuit breakerschneiderThe French1aElectric leakage protection
The circuit breakerschneiderThe French1aControl power protection branch circuit
Switching power supplyschneiderThe French1aProvide stable power supply
Intermediate relayschneiderThe French1aControl circuit
Wiring rowchintZhejiang1a
Modular socketchintZhejiang1a
Alarm red green yellow lightTianjiaShanghai1aPrompt operator
Alarm buzzerErgongShanghai1aSend out an alarm to remind the operator
Indicator lightchintZhejiang1aAccording to the signal
Key switchchintZhejiang1aResponsible for starting and stopping the equipment
Scram buttonchintZhejiang1a
With lamp buttonchintZhejiang1aCommand inputs
With lamp buttonchintZhejiang1aCommand inputs
Selected switchchintZhejiang1aSelective control system

二、Sterilization pot equipment features:

1、Sterilization pot to suit range

1)Plastic containers: PP bottles, HDPE bottles.

2)Soft bag packing: aluminum foil bag, high temperature cooking bag, high temperature vacuum bag, etc.

Food Equipments

2、Working principle diagram

Food Equipments

3、Bactericidal characteristics:

1)The germicidal water is poured from the packaging of the germicidal pot through the large-flow circulation pump. Because the germicidal water is preheated in advance, the temperature of the first packaging of the germicidal product is almost the same, effectively avoiding the temperature fluctuation caused by the instant contact between the germicidal water and the material, causing the change of packing material pressure and the phenomenon of rise or shrinkage.

2)High efficiency heat exchanger reduces steam consumption and quickly reaches predetermined sterilization temperature.

3)Indirect heating indirect cooling, cooling water and process water do not contact, to avoid secondary contamination of food, no need for water treatment chemicals. High temperature short time sterilization.

4、The choice of temperature position

Compared with the traditional sterilization, the requirement is the uniform distribution of heat in the pot, and the measurement is the temperature of hot water or steam in the pot, so the thermometer is generally placed in the center of the pot. The mercury thermometer of Hengshi Company is on the outlet at the bottom of the pot. What is measured by the water-spraying sterilization is the position of the most cold point in the sterilization kettle. When the position of the most cold point reaches the sterilization temperature, it also meets the constant temperature sterilization temperature required by all products in the sterilization kettle.

According to the NFPA, 26 - L bulletin and China national standard SN/T0400.6-2005 import and export of canned goods inspection procedures for part 6 mercury thermometer requirements: the legal indicating instrument of sterilization temperature for glass mercury thermometer, other control with temperature sensor and temperature recorder must be adjusted to the same as the mercury thermometer as far as possible, but must not be higher than the mercury thermometer.

Food Equipments

5、The sterilizing pot's air exhaust pipe is connected in series in a centralized way to facilitate customers' centralized arrangement of connecting compressed air pipe and exhaust pipe. The connection mode of this air exhaust pipe is to reduce the need for multiple compressed air and exhaust pipes before. Second, the pipeline distribution is simple and clear, both beautiful and save cost, reduce leakage points.

Food Equipments

6、The pressure gauge of sterilization pot adopts axial pressure gauge, which is fixed on the leg of sterilization pot. It is more stable and accurate than the pressure gauge installed on the sterilization pot body.

Food Equipments

7、Partition secondary pollution

The sterilizing water in the pot is indirectly cooled by the heat exchanger. The warm water does not touch the sterilizing water in the pot, so the cooling water in the pot will not be polluted and chlorinated cooling water is not needed. The soft water in the pot can be used repeatedly, which saves water and blocks the outside pollution to the packaging inside the pot.

8、Highly automated

The whole sterilization process control can be completed on the touch screen, sterilization process requirements such as temperature, time, sterilization pressure, cooling pressure, cooling temperature and sterilization intensity F value display functions can be customized according to different models. The temperature control precision can reach ±0.2℃, and the pressure control precision can be plus or minus 0.01Mpa. Can store hundreds of sterilization process procedures, greatly reduce the fatigue strength of operation, improve production efficiency.

9、Twenty-four point temperature difference (thermal distribution) curve and probe location diagram

Food Equipments

Food Equipments

10、Pressure vessels are designed, manufactured and accepted in accordance with national standard GB150-2011. The equipment complies fully with GMP standards and FDA requirements.

11、 The best quality flange and sealing parts in China are used. The head is formed by one time cold pressing, and after aging vibration, there will be no stress deformation during use.

12、 Advanced and stable SIEMENS control systems ensure customers find supply chains in a timely manner and reduce downtime globally.

13、 The industry's rare high - end equipment and strict production process control management, to ensure the quality of the machine.

14、The overall design and layout of the equipment is reasonable, safe and reliable. It is convenient for operation and maintenance of equipment. Electrical appliances and control system are used foreign well-known brands, to ensure the stability of the entire control system, so that the sterilization process is more safe and stable.

三、Equipment details

serial numberNameRefer to the drawing or presentationAdvantage performance descriptionplace of origin
1cylinderFood EquipmentsFood EquipmentsMade of baosteel stainless steel; Submerged arc welding, double-sided welding molding, to ensure penetration; Avoid equipment cracking caused by welding defects;Baosteel/Shanghai
2headFood EquipmentsOne - time stamping forming, using advanced technology to eliminate stress; It has the characteristics of uniform thickness and long service life.Zhengtong/Jiangsu
3The flangeFood EquipmentsRoll ring flange; After heating the whole ingot, it is rolled into shape once without welding. After aging treatment, it is finished by finishing processing. (95% sterilization pot manufacturers use forging welding flange, easy to crack, there is the risk of explosionZhangqiuHuabao
4Open the door deviceFood EquipmentsThe pot door is equipped with a gasket vacuum return device, which can switch easily and seal well. And equipped with triple safety interlock device to achieve 100% safety of operators;HengShi company
5Pressure balancing devicePatented device, pictures shall not be displayedThe new pressure stabilization system keeps the pressure in the pot extremely stable and reduces the influence of compressed air injection on the temperature in the pot.HengShi company
6The device starts the protectionFood EquipmentsOne-button startup, foolproof operation; Cannot start up if the operating conditions are not reached; All the control and display devices are centralized on the center console, so there is no need for personnel to operate in close proximity, which ensures the safety of personnel.HengShi company
7Operation safety protection device
8Positive pressure overpressure relief deviceFood EquipmentsTriple mechanical safety valve protects the equipment from being damaged or scrapped due to pressure exceeding during operation. Double device is to prevent the safety valve fault in the case of accidents; And also equipped with artificial emergency discharge valve, to ensure 100% safety;HSBC/Qingdao
9High and low temperature warning deviceProgram controlWhen sterilization is carried out, the actual temperature shall be compared with the set temperature. When the fluctuation is too large, it will automatically alarm and stop; Ensure product safetyHengShi patent
10High and low pressure warning deviceProgram controlWhen sterilization is carried out, the actual pressure is compared and the power is set. When the fluctuation is too large, it will automatically alarm and stop. Ensure product safetyHengShi patent
11Temperature contrastive analysis unitProgram controlThere are two temperature sensors installed on the equipment. When sterilization is carried out, one is for sensing function and the other is for monitoring. Once the temperature does not match, the equipment will immediately alarm and suspend the processing.HengShi patent
12The water pumpFood EquipmentsCirculating water pump with large flow and low head; Make the running state of water pump reach the best, thus reduce the power consumption waste;Bihu/Shanghai
13Plate heat exchangerFood Equipments1. Imported EPDM gaskets are used for heat exchanger gaskets, which have higher temperature resistance than those of other domestic manufacturers, and the temperature resistance value can reach more than 200℃. 2. High heat transfer coefficient. 3. Compact structure, easy to disassemble, clean and maintain. 4. Small dirt coefficient. 5. Small floor space. 6. Better cooling effect than tube heat exchanger (the product can be cooled from 121℃ to 38℃ within 20 minutes)Daniel/Shanghai
14Float ball trapFood EquipmentsSteam trap is used in the steam pipe network and equipment, can automatically discharge condensate, air and other non-condensable gases, and prevent water vapor leakage valve, steam trap in the steam heating system to prevent steam drainageSpecial one/Shanghai
15The filter valveFood EquipmentsUsed to remove impurities from pipes and steam and to protect the normal operation of valves and equipmentSpecial one/Shanghai
16Pneumatic butterfly valveFood Equipments3 million pneumatic actuators; The sealing ring is made of special materials according to the special working conditions of the sterilization equipment of our company. It is resistant to high temperature, high pressure, water and easy to be replaced.Central Control/Shanghai
17Pneumatic Angle seat valveFood EquipmentsOpen the pneumatic actuator 3 million times; Good durability, high control accuracy, accurate control of steam and compressed air injection volume;Jing Cheng/Shanghai
18The wafer The check valveFood EquipmentsPrevent backflow of water and gas Customize according to actual needsSpecial one/Shanghai
19Pipe fittings such as pipes and flangesFood EquipmentsCustomize according to actual needsYongshang/Zhejiang
20Aluminum silicateFood Equipments30mm aluminum silicate, low bulk density, low heat capacity,. Superior holding stability, good anti-pulverization ability, excellent heat insulation, sound absorption effect. Low heat storage and thermal shock resistance.HengShi company
The control system
21The man-machine interfaceFood EquipmentsOne-button operation, touch control, sensitive reaction; With sterilization curve preservation function;Siemens/Germany
22Programmable controllerFood EquipmentsIt has strong control function and strong computing power. It can not only complete the general logical operations, but also more complex trigonometric functions, exponents and PID operations. The working speed is relatively fast, the use is stable, the life is long;Siemens/Germany
23Temperature sensorFood EquipmentsHigh precision, good durability, signal transmission device with stainless steel hood protection, avoid electromagnetic interference; Long service life;Yunqi Instrument/Shandong
24Pressure sensorFood EquipmentsIt has the highest specification for compact structure, long life, high precision, temperature stability and electromagnetic compatibility.HUBA/The Swiss
25Electrical componentsFood EquipmentsFood EquipmentsFood EquipmentsHigh stability, sensitive response, is the current market circulation of the most stable electrical components;Schneider/France
26Solenoid valveFood EquipmentsWith automatic control and manual operation device, long service life, high stability, easy to replace;Delixi/Zhejiang
27Gas-water separatorFood EquipmentsCan effectively separate water, impurities and air in compressed air; In addition, it is also equipped with a set of automatic oil filling lubrication device, which can automatically maintain and lubricate the piston of pneumatic valve during operation.ChengDi pneumatic
28Air flow controllerFood EquipmentsThe main pneumatic valve controller is equipped with flow controller, according to the requirements of the product process, set the valve opening speed, and reduce the impact of wear and tear on the valve, improve the service life of the valve;Shanghai
29Pressure gaugeFood EquipmentsThe pressure gauge can accurately indicate the level of steam pressure in the pressure product. The operator can adjust the heating degree of the product according to the indicating value of the pressure gauge to ensure the requirements of the gas department and the safe operation of the pressure product.East Airlines/Weifang

Technical Service Contents

1. Provide relevant industry information for free.

2. Provide the graphic design and relevant equipment configuration for free.

3. Answering technical and business questions on site for free.

4. Free installation and debugging of equipment and standardized training of users' operation and maintenance personnel.

Service commitment

1. Guarantee the quality of the whole equipment purchased for one year.

2. Open a 24-hour service hotline (0536-6187855), pay regular return visits and accept customer inquiries.

3. Handled timely after receiving the customer's call.

Some successful projects

Food Equipments

(Duck blood production Line of Chengdu Qiaoya Qiaoqiao Food Co., LTD.)

Food Equipments

Chengdu Rice Sweep Food Co., LTD. (Glass bottle)

Food Equipments

Mianyang Mixiaofu Food Co., LTD. (Deep Processing of meat Products)

Food Equipments

Taizhou Yellow Can Michelin Food Co. LTD. Production line

Note: The above cases are some successful cases of customers, which are not listed here

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