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SZS200F Tablet Deduster

The usage:

SZS200F screening machine is a new model that our company extensively absorbs and digesting foreign advanced technology and successfully studies in combination with national conditions.The machine has three functions of dust removal, lifting and screen turning for plain film. The feed port of the machine can be connected with any type of tablet press. The discharge port can be connected with metal detector.The machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry solid preparation industry, is an essential important production equipment, also widely used in chemical, food and other industries.


The principle:

The machine is composed of chassis, lifting system, vibration system, screen system and speed control system.When working, start the power supply to adjust the speed, the screen cylinder of plain film turns, the plain film enters the machine from the previous process equipment, after passing through the screen, the plain film flows out of the outlet to the hopper.

The characteristics:

1. Long dust removal path for plain film, plain film automatic turning and polishing, high screen efficiency.

2. The connection is of quick installation structure, which makes it more convenient to remove, install and clean the equipment.

3. Modular design. The outlet height is easy to adjust, and the position of the inlet and outlet can be adjusted in a circle of 360°.

4. Stepless speed regulation, stable production efficiency, suitable for batch production with different sheet diameters.

5. The plain screen plate can be disassembled and cleaned without dead Angle, in line with GMP requirements.

SZS200F Tablet Deduster

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