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The Usage

The machine is mainly used in Chemical industry, Medical(Chinese Medicine), Food, Spice, Resin Powder, coating powder and other weak electric material and high temperature resistant material, is crushing and dust as one of the new generation of crushing equipment.


The principle

This machine adopts the high-speed rotating blade of air wheel, which is used for impact and shear grinding. It not only has good crushing effect, but also generates strong airflow in the crushing chamber, and the heat of the crushing chamber and the finished product flow out of the screen together. The grinding fineness can be determined by changing the screen. The unit USES the relative movement between the movable tooth disk and the fixed tooth disk to crush the material through the tooth disk impact, friction and the impact between the materials. The pulverized material will automatically enter the bag under the action of rotating centrifugal force, and the dust will be filtered and recovered by the cloth bag through the dust collecting box.

The characteristics

1. The machine is made of high-quality austenitic stainless steel, and the crushing chamber is smooth and smooth without powder deposition.

2. No dust flying in the production process, simple structure, firm, stable operation, easy washing, good grinding effect.

3. the crushed object can be directly discharged from the main machine grinding chamber, the particle size can be obtained by changing the mesh screen with different pore diameters, the replacement of screen is convenient.

4. the whole machine has no sanitary dead Angle, easy cleaning and maintenance, in line with GMP requirements.


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