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Hammer Mill


HM Series Hammer mill

Excellent in industrial and laboratory applications

Hammer Mill

The hammer mill is suitable for milling and sizing products.

HM-300 has new design and technics which improve the efficiency and easy to clean and maintenance. Also support the inline/offline sterilization.

HM Series milling process

Hammer Mill


Ø Bigger active sieve surface lead to higher throughput and low temperature rise.

Ø The good design reduce the number of the moving parts. The connection of the tri-clamps assure an easy way to assemble and dismantle the milling chamber which assure the offline sterilization;

Ø This means: Quick and easy cleaning and maintenance and high operational availability at lower operating costs.

Hammer Mill

A. All tri-clamp assembled feeding device;

B. AT rotating cylinder;

C. The high speed rotor with both knife and hammer side;

D. The rotor and the sieve do not have mechanical contact;

E. High active opening sieve;

F. The milling head can be easily dismantled.


The product goes through the feeding valve which ensures a consistent product flow to the milling chamber. Then the product is impacted by the high speed rotor and then becomes smaller particles which goes down through a screen mounting below the rotor. Customer can adjust the rotor speed and screen size to achieve required particle size distribution.

HM Series hammer mill Summary

Hammer Mill

HM Series hammer mill summary

Ø The milling chamber can be dismantled via a tri-clamp;

Ø The safety switch does not have cable outside;

Ø The half round screen has as high as 40% active opening;

Ø Easy to clean, no outside cable;

Ø Easy assembly;

Ø Easy access of operation;

Ø The smallest milling size is 30um.



Ergonomic and easy to use

Ø Modular, compact design

Ø Easily change rotor and screen

Ø Mobile support stand

Ø Lightweight, detachable milling head

Ø The "Error Proof System" guarantees correct installation and removal of the rotor and screen.

Cleaning according to the strictest health standards

Ø Milling head can resist steam sterilization under pressure 2.2 bar;

Ø The milling head is made from stainless steel 316L. The polished, even surfaces allow the product to flow through without friction and without leaving residues;

Ø HM-300 supports WIP and CIP;

Ø No outside cable make cleaning easier and quicker.

HM Series hammer mill details

Hammer Mill

ExecutionParts in contact with productsParts not in contact with products
MetalStainless steel 316/316LStainless steel 304
SealsFDA compliant plastic(EPDM/PTFE)Various plastics
SurfacesRa<0.4, polishedRa<0.8, polished
Weld seamsGround and polishedBrushed and treated
RotorDepending on products, rotor side and hammer side can be chosen
ScreenSquare opening, size from 0.1mm to 10mm
Distance of screen and rotorNo mechanical contact

HM Series hammer mill performance

Better performance

Ø HM-300 has bigger active screen opening, about 30% larger than the competitors;

Ø Higher throughput;

Ø The height of the machine is adjustable;

Ø The dead surface of the sieve is very small and there is therefore no danger of the product overheating

HM-30050~1200kg/h380V-50HzMax 6000rpm4.0kw~250kg
HM-40050~2400kg/h380V-50HzMax 4500rpm7.5kw~300kg

*The throughput and final PSD is decided by material characteristics. The following is performance of the machine regarding to some products for reference:

Product nameParticle sizeThroughput (kg/h)
Vitamin C100 mesh/150 um500
Sugar100 mesh/150 um500
Salt100 mesh/150 um400
Ketoprofen100 mesh/150 um300
Carbamazepine100 mesh/150 um300
Metformin hydrochloride200 mesh/75 um240
Anhydrous sodium carbonate200 mesh75 um400
Cefmenoxime hydrochloride300 mesh/50 um200
Amino acid mixture150 mesh/100 um350
Cefminox sodium200 mesh75um300
Levofloxacin300 mesh/50 um250
Sorbitol80 mesh/200 um180
Hydrochloric acid to whalen200 mesh75 um100
Clozapine100 mesh/150 um400
Sorbitol100 mesh/150 um300
Cefuroxime sodium80 mesh/150 um250
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