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Tabletpress Machine S250C

S250C model is upgraded from S250 and still with interchangeable turret.

Optimized Function

Adopt reinforced frame design, more stable running under high stress with wider range of application.

Adopt Germany brand IPC with fast response speed & high ellblit.y


Summary of Technical Parameter

Technical   Parameter

No. of press stations44403226
Maximum tablet Diameter(mm)1113162425
Maximum die   filling (mm)1620
Maximum tablet   thickness (mm)10
Maximum output   (tablets/hour)300,000270,000220,000180,000175,000
Compactions force Max. (KN)80100
Standard Electrical Connection (V)400 V (±10%) - 50/60 Hz
Maximum installed power (KW)8
Machine weight   (kg)2800

Better construction

Al-in-one machine design, move conveniently

Back positioned electrical cabinet with more Operation space in front

Contolled by cantilever screen structure, can multidirectional rotating, avoid accidental injury

Unique oil scrapper design with better scrapping result

Optimize feed structure with short transmission distance free maintenance

Interchangeable turret, internal module can be lifted, simple operation in short time

Better Seal

Gas spring lock+double mechanical lock, higher safety

The entire silion sealing strip , sealing eflect is better

Adopt to highly sensilized products

Better Outlook

New design with modem outlook, friendly HMI

Powerful Monitor Function

Display pre and main pressure bar chart

Automatically control tablet weight through pressure

Upper punch tightness

Tablet jam

Pre and Main pressure tablet thickness

Monitor lubrication oil pressure

Monitor single tablet ejection

Monitor pressure overload

Monitor motor overload

Tabletpress Machine S250C

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