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HZD Series Bin Blender Machine

Bin Blender Machine is a high-quality, sturdy and durable machine designed to provide uniform and efficient mixing.

Advantages of Bin Blender Machine include:

Combination processing and mixing solutions

High airtight processing

Quality of products contained

Parallel processing

Modular mixing box volume


Bin Blender Machine Principle:

Bin Blender machine is composed of frame, rotary body, driving system, lifting system, braking system and control system.When working, push the mixing hopper into the rotary body and press the "Confirm" button on the touch screen to automatically lift the mixing hopper into place and clamp it automatically.After the pressure sensor gets the clamping signal, it drives the hybrid system to work. The hybrid system mixes according to the set time and speed. After reaching the set parameters, the rotary body will automatically stop vertically, while the braking system works and the mixing ends.And then the system works.The mixing hopper in the rotary body is lowered into position, automatically stopped, and the process data is printed to push the mixing hopper out to the next step.

Bin Blender Machine Features:

Of rotors (mixing hopper) into 30 ° Angle to the rotary axis, mixing hopper in the material with the turning of rotors, do tangential motion along the pipe wall at the same time, an intense feeling of flip and high-speed tangential movement, so as to achieve the best mixing effect, PLC automatic control, and set the infrared safety device and prevent wrong operation device of discharging disc valve, to ensure production safety.The material can pass through different process stages in the same container without frequent transfer, feeding and other procedures. Effectively control dust and cross pollution, reduce material loss, control material stratification, optimize the production process, fully meet the GMP requirements of drug production.

Bin Blender Machine Usage:

The machine can automatically complete lifting, clamping, mixing, descending and other actions. Equipped with an automatic lifting hopper mixer and a number of mixing hoppers of different specifications, it can meet the mixing requirements of large quantities and various varieties, and is an ideal equipment for total mixing in pharmaceutical factories.At the same time in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries widely used.

HZD Series Blender

HZD Series Blender

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