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Features of High Shear Mixers

Jun. 23, 21

High Shear Mixer

High Shear Mixer

The high shear mixer uses a vacuum conveyor to deliver the material to the container through the vortex effect created by the rotation of the agitator to mix it thoroughly. After adding the binder, the granulator affects the mixing of the material in the cross area. The dough is fully broken and cut into uniform and dense spherical granules.


The high shear mixer integrates mixing and granulation in one. It is suitable for mixing and granulating powdered materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, light industries, and other industries, and also for dry powder mixing. This machine can meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry for mixing and granulation of tablets and capsules.


Working Principles Of High Shear Mixer Granulator

The high shear mixer process is completed in the same container by the two processes of mixing and granulating. The powdery material is put into the material container from the top of the conical hopper. After the cover is closed, the powder material rotates in the container due to the stirring effect of the stirring paddle. At the same time, the material rolls from the outside to the center in the direction of the cone wall, forming a semi-flow The material is sheared and diffused to achieve sufficient mixing.


During granulation, the powder is gradually moistened due to the injection of the binder, and the properties of the material are changed, which strengthens the extrusion, friction, and kneading of the material by the blade and the barrel wall, and gradually forms a liquid bridge, and the material gradually turns into a loose soft These soft materials with the agglomerated structure are not granulated by forced extrusion, but are cut by a pelletizing knife. The soft materials are cut into small and uniform particles in a semi-fluid state to realize the phase transition of the material. Finally, the discharge door is opened, and the wet particles are pushed out of the hopper under the centrifugal action of the paddle.


Features of high shear mixing granulator


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