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Types of Capsule Filling Machines

Jul. 06, 21

Looking for the best capsule filling machine for sale? Before you buy, you need to know the right information. Whether you're looking for a capsule filling machine for food, pharmaceutical, or chemical processing plant, you need to make sure you're choosing the right one.


What is a capsule filling machine?

Encapsulators, as they are also called or capsule fillers, capsule fillers or sealers are mechanical devices commonly used in industries that involve the manufacture and processing of capsules.


The capsule filling machines are specifically used to fill empty capsules with powders, pills, tablets, granules, or liquids. These machines are used to fill empty soft or hard gelatin capsules of different sizes with powders, granules, semi-solid or liquid substances containing active ingredients, or mixtures of active substances and excipients. This process of filling empty capsules with the desired substance is called encapsulation.


Capsule filling machines are available in different sizes and filling speeds. This means that you can easily find the correct capsule filling machine size that exactly meets your needs or standards.

Capsule Filling Machine

 Capsule Filling Machine

Types of Capsule Filling Machines

When planning to buy a capsule filling machine in China, you should be fully aware of the exact type of machine you are buying.This is crucial because there are three different types of capsule fillers. These are


Manual capsule filling machines

Semi-automatic capsule filling machines

Fully automatic capsule filling machines


Which of these three types of capsule fillers should I buy? To find out, check out this summary.


1. Manual Capsule Filling Machine

As the name implies, this capsule filling machine is manually operated. It has a lever and a calm handle that allows you to control the operation of the machine by hand. Manual gelatin capsule filling machines are perfect for small-scale production. This is simply because filling a large number of capsules using this method can be a hectic process.


2. Semi-automatic capsule filling machines

Capsule filling machines, as the name implies, semi-automatic capsule filling machines combine both manual and automatic capsule filling methods. This means that they are usually considered to be partially automated. Their operation is simple and straightforward, so the machines meet the hygiene requirements for use in the pharmaceutical industry. The simple design and robust construction of these encapsulators guarantee long life and trouble-free operation.


The use of chrome steel and non-corrosive approved materials in the construction of the contact parts (eliminating contamination and facilitating easy cleaning after use) makes the machine suitable for filling powdered and granular materials in the pharmaceutical and food industries.


 3. Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

This is usually considered the best capsule filling machine. This is usually because it offers maximum convenience.

The automatic capsule filling machine is one of a kind designed and developed for the automatic filling of capsules. It is mainly used for the mass production of capsules. Automatic capsule fillers are very durable and reliable when it comes to capsule filling and maintenance of the integrity of the filled capsules.

The automatic capsule filling machine can also work as a complete system of a fully automatic capsule filling line by attaching additional equipment such as in-line capsule polishers, dust collectors, capsule sorters and empty capsule ejectors.

BAOFENG has more than 20 members (partners and factories) and owned own brands and is able to provide a whole production line and turn-key projects in the following fields.

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