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Industrial High Shear Mixer FAQ

Oct. 23, 21

How does an industrial high-shear mixer work?

When a force pushes one part of an object in one direction and another part of an object in the opposite direction in the same parallel plane, this is called shear. A high shear mixer uses a rotor that rotates at high speed to direct the material outwards towards a fixed stator, thus shearing the material. Variable rotor speeds provide the ability to tailor the sheer energy for each application. The technology can be used to mix liquids, solids, or gases into liquids that are not normally easily mixed. High shear mixing can be used for homogenization, dispersion, emulsification, or particle size reduction.


What is the difference between an industrial high-shear mixer and a high-pressure homogenizer?

High shear mixers rely on rotor/stator shear action, whereas high-pressure homogenizers use a large amount of energy to create a pressure differential to homogenize or reduce the size of components. High-speed, high-shear rotor/stator mixers are able to close the gap between conventional rotor/stator mixers and high-pressure homogenizers, achieving sub-micron size reduction.

High Shear Mixer

 High Shear Mixer

What are inline high shear mixers and how do they differ from intermittent mixers?

An inline high shear mixer has an inlet vertically feeding the components into the shear zone, and an outlet axially discharging the product. Unlike batch mixers, inline high shear mixers feed and discharge material in a continuous flow and the material is usually completely hydrated, emulsified, or homogenized in a single pass. In contrast, batch mixers require longer mixing of ingredients in the tank and rarely achieve 100% dispersion, resulting in lower product yields and wasted valuable ingredients.


In-line high shear mixers offer a number of advantages over intermittent mixers. They allow a more controlled mixing environment, are smaller in size, allow continuous in-line mixing, and can produce results in a very short period of time.

High Shear Mixer

High Shear Mixer


How much do industrial mixers cost?

As with any capital expenditure, your investment in a high shear mixing unit will depend on your processing application and processing needs. However, by purchasing an in-line high shear mixer you can achieve a high return on your investment by reducing production times, increasing throughput, increasing capacity, using less energy, and reducing the associated manufacturing and maintenance costs.

Does a laboratory model of a high shear mixer exist?

Yes - in fact, for those with liquid handling needs, using a laboratory high shear mixer is a practical way to test the technology for different applications. It is also a quick and easy way for your R&D department to evaluate processing strategies and formulations before expanding production capacity.


Which type of industrial high shear mixer is right for my needs?

Process specialist and high shear mixer manufacturer BAOFENG can help you determine which high shear mixer is best for your application. Whether you are looking for in-line or batch mixing solutions, powder dispersion, or liquid-liquid mixing, we can help you find the right solution for your critical application. Contact our team today!

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