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What Is a Solid Dosage Form?

Aug. 06, 21

We can define a solid dosage form as a term used to describe a substance with a well-defined shape and volume that is manufactured using specific ingredients. These ingredients are combined and processed to form the final product, a solid dosage form.


Solid dosage forms can be capsules, granules, pills, tablets, and powders. Solid dosage form is a common term used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. In these mentioned industries, a considerable number of products exist in this form. In most cases, after processing, they can be administered or consumed in solid form.


What is a tablet press?

A tablet press is a mechanical device that compresses powder into tablets of uniform size and weight. A tabletpress machine can be used to manufacture tablets of a wide variety of materials, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cleaning products, industrial pellets and cosmetics. To form a tablet, the granulated powder material must be metered into a cavity formed by two punches and a die, and then the punches must be pressed together with great force to fuse the material together.


Formulation and production process of solid dosage forms

How are solid dosage forms prepared? The formulation and manufacture of solid dosage forms involves many processes. We will focus on these core processes that occur during the formulation of solid dosage forms.


Tabletpress Machine

 Tabletpress Machine

This stage requires maximum supervision, as minor errors in measurement can affect the quality of the dosage form.







The dosage forms are also imprinted at this stage for identification.


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