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NTG Series Lifting Column

The usage:

This machine is mainly used for conveying and feeding solid materials in pharmaceutical industry. It can be used with mixing machine, tablet press, capsule filling machine and other equipment.At the same time in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries widely used.


The principle:

The machine is mainly composed of chassis, column, lifting system and tilting system. When working, first buckle the cone bucket with the material bucket, and then start the lifting button to lift the material bucket; Start the flip button and the barrel will flip 180°. The rotary column is connected with the feeding equipment, and the butterfly valve is opened to transfer the material to the next process.

The characteristics:

This machine is our company widely absorbs, digesting the foreign advanced technology, combines the national conditions to develop the successful new model.Reasonable structure, stable performance, easy operation, no dead Angle, no exposed screw.This machine is equipped with the butterfly valve of the error-proof operation device, which is convenient to disassemble and easy to clean to ensure the safety of production, effectively control dust and cross pollution, and optimize the production process.Fully meet the GMP requirements of drug production.

NTG Series Lifting Column

NTG Series Lifting Column

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