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Applications of Automatic Capsule Filling Machines

Dec. 03, 21

It is well known that the pharmaceutical industry must have the ability to supply large quantities of high-quality capsules for medical use. It is therefore only natural that they must have the necessary type of equipment to meet the demand. Automatic capsule filling machines are one such piece of equipment that can act as a panacea for this problem. The machine has excellent maneuverability and the fact that the operation is fully automated ensures that there are no large numbers of workers concentrated on a particular operation. It also ensures that the tablets produced are of the highest quality in accordance with medical standards.


Applications for fully automatic capsule filling machines

Pharmaceutical companies mainly use automatic capsule filling machines to help produce hard gelatine capsules. They are used individually or in unison in the formulation of granules, pills, and powders, offering different combinations. The tamping needle technology in the automatic capsule fillers helps to form the pellets and thus accurately propel the hard gelatine capsules.

Capsule Filling Machine

 Capsule Filling Machine

The capsule filling lines comprise a range of machines and capsule fillers, so they are used in applications in the well-known pharmaceutical industry where mass production of capsules is required. Some of the machines in the filling line are automatic capsule polishers, damaged capsule sorters, metal detectors, and empty capsule ejectors.


It can be clearly observed that one of the main advantages of capsule filling machines is that they are compatible with a large number of in-line machines that contribute to the quality of the capsules.


Some important features of the automatic capsule filling machine

The presence of a turntable in the automatic capsule filling machine helps to intercept dust particles that interact with the machine components. The automatic capsule filling machine utilizes a vacuum operation for capsule separation, thus reducing the amount of dust generated during operation. This gives it an advantage over other capsule filling machines.


The closed dosing system in the automatic capsule filling machine ensures much less frequent cleaning with the help of vacuuming.

The machine's metering tool is so precise that it adjusts the filling weight of the capsules. It thus ensures that the capsules are correctly filled with their contents for accurately filled tablets.


Some other in-line machines compatible with automatic capsule filling machines

The capsule filling line described, together with the capsule filler, other equipment includes as well as its main role in the quality maintenance of the tablets. Automatic capsule polishers help to shine the outer surface of the capsules, thus giving them a more aesthetically pleasing form. On the other hand, an empty capsule expeller removes capsules from the batch that are not filled with their contents. This helps to detect defective capsules so that they are not packed and shipped. The damaged capsule sorter is another machine that helps to regulate the quality of capsule production. It sorts defective capsules and allows only perfectly shaped and sized capsules to enter the machine's hopper, thus facilitating handling.


BAOFENG is one of the leading brands in supplying the pharmaceutical industry with the machines they need to operate. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, it ensures that the machines offered are of superior quality, excellent processability, durability, and higher productivity. One such machine is the Automatic Capsule Filler, which has a wide range of applications and helps in the production of high-quality capsules for medical applications.

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