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Benefits of The Right Choice of Mixer

Dec. 17, 21

With more and more products containing allergens, managing conversion and cleanup can be challenging. Particularly tricky are fixed mixers and in-line delivery systems, as these systems are coupled, so cleaning between formulations and ensuring cleanliness can take a long time.


If different formulations are to be mixed on the same mixer, then the risk of cross-contamination has to be considered if cleaning is not done properly. To reduce the risk, some companies dedicate their mixers to allergen formulations. This is acceptable if only one additional fixed blender is needed, but it may not be appropriate for more than one.


For allergen handling, in-box mixing offers a simple, safe solution. The container can be used for allergens once, then cleaned and used next time for non-allergen products. A regular mixer can be used because there are no product contact points on the mixer.

High Shear Mixer

High Shear Mixer

Isolation of risk after mixing 

Even though a fixed mixer may provide well-mixed material, this does not guarantee the production of a high-quality product, as it needs to be transferred from the mixer. This is when segregation of the mixture may occur, as the air displaced by the powder leaving the mixer brings the "fines" back into the powder. This situation is further aggravated if a large product transfer height is involved. In this case, the particles have more opportunity to separate and segregate the mixture, because some particles move faster than others, depending on their density and characteristics.


Consider the ease of discharge from the fixed mixer. Ensure that the mixer is completely emptied with no residual product. Consider the size of the opening at the discharge point, as some powders can be sticky and poorly flowing and are likely to jam. Again, the free-flowing products may be affected by the core flow through these discharge points, which will result in segregation.


Plant space

In addition to the size of the mixer, consider how much space is needed around the mixer for loading and unloading the product and for cleaning. Also, check the ceiling height required for the upper and lower aisles. IBC mixers tend to have a smaller footprint and head height, so if space is an issue then it is worth exploring these further. IBC mixers can be located in open areas with poor hygiene control as they offer enclosed processes. The correct choice of mixer has the following additional benefits.

 HTD Series Column Bin Mixer

HTD Series Column Bin Mixer          

Increased capacity

Higher efficiency and increased throughput can be achieved by reducing the downtime of the mixer for non-value-added functions

Product changes can be made quickly because there is no need to clean the IBC mixer, thus increasing production capacity

Multiple batch sizes can be blended in a single IBC mixer, eliminating the need for multiple mixers

Cost savings

By reducing wasted idle time

Efficiency in the mixing process reduces the number of shifts required

Lower cleaning labor costs

Minimizes product loss due to residue or scrap separation

Eliminate inventory or work-in-process

Improved product quality


Prevent separation every time for a better quality end product

Eliminates the risk of cross-contamination

Enclosed sanitary system

Don't be swayed by choosing the cheapest option just to get started or using what "everyone else has" (they may not have done the research that you have). Think differently and see where it might take you.

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