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NTZ Series Lifting Column

The usage:

This machine is mainly used for transferring and feeding solid materials in pharmaceutical industry. It can be used together with boiling dryer and boiling granulator, and can directly make the required particles from the material in the skip car of boiling granulator into the total mixing barrel, effectively eliminating dust flying and cross pollution, reducing labor intensity, improving work efficiency, and at the same time, the machine is widely used in chemical industry, food and other industries.


The principle:

This machine is mainly composed of vacuum conveying system, buffer bin, granulation system, improve the system components, such as work, vacuum conveyor start, fluidized bed of material and pipe was sent to the buffer compartment, absorption buffer warehouse material fill in, open the discharge butterfly valve, the material into the whole grain of cavity to whole grain, the grain after the qualified material flow to the hopper.

The characteristics:

This machine is our company absorbing foreign advanced technology, combined with domestic pharmaceutical solid preparation technology developed a new type, feeding, buffer, whole grain of integration design, can effectively control the dust and cross contamination, and simplifies the process, reasonable structure, convenient operation, the machine has lift upgrade capabilities, meet different production technology level, reasonable structure, the whole machine without health dead Angle, completely accords with the GMP requirements of pharmaceutical production.

NTZ Series Lifting Column

NTZ Series Lifting Column

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